We’ll build you a beautiful eCommerce bookstore website.

Are you looking to have a complete solution for your publishing needs? At Toad Reader, we can build you a beautiful eCommerce bookstore website to connect with your white label eReader app. The two can work seamlessly together to reach audiences all over the world. When you select our bookstore eCommerce package and choose either the Wix eCommerce solution or the Shopify eCommerce solution, we will then design your bookstore precisely the way you want it. We work with both Wix and Shopify to create feature-rich eCommerce websites. With your new website, you can sell your books online. Your website will be completely responsive, meaning it is ready to be used on mobile and desktop. Our designers will create a custom design that will match your white label eReader to ensure your users' smooth overall purchase and reading experience.

Shopify vs. Wix for your eCommerce Bookstore

From our research, we have found that both of these solutions are good for an eCommerce bookstore. It depends on what your needs are. Wix is highly recommended for simple eCommerce websites with fewer filters and fewer overall products. It is great for eCommerce websites that will not have more than 300 products. Wix enables you to have a fantastic design that we can build for you. With Wix, you can modify your website with ease if you need to make changes after creating the initial layout. Wix has a lot of solid points and maybe a more cost-efficient solution for most bookstores. However, if you have bilingual requirements, Wix capacities are lower. In the future, Wix support ranks lower than Shopify as well. But overall, Wix is an excellent solution for most eCommerce bookstores.
Shopify, on the other hand, provides a robust solution for an eCommerce bookstore. With Shopify, you can have thousands of books in your store. You have greater options with your product filters as well. Setting up the website design in Shopify often requires some coding snippets to be added to create the eCommerce website you want. So having our development team create your design would be the ideal solution, rather than trying to do it yourself. This is why the upfront design costs run higher than our Wix development option. Shopify enables you to grow your bookstore and even seamlessly launch into new products should you desire that in the future. Choosing Shopify will give you far more flexibility upfront and later.

eCommerce Integration with our White Label eReader

With both Wix and Shopify, you will have a beautiful, feature-rich eCommerce solution for your bookstore. We will ensure that the API integration enables your white label eReader to connect with your website smoothly. If you already have an eCommerce bookstore selling books, no problem, we can link your eReader apps when we set up your ebookstore platform. It is essential that both your digital books and your physical books are managed smoothly. If you would like to inquire about our e-commerce bookstore solution, please fill out the connect form below.