Enhanced eBooks for Your eReader App

We offer remarkably enhanced eBooks for your eReader app. You can now launch interactive eBooks that create exceptional learning experiences for teachers, students, and employers. Enhanced digital eBooks take learning to the next level. They provide a unique interactive learning environment as students or employees are reading the eBook. Learning is magnified and retained to a far greater degree with these impressive digital eBook features. As a publisher, you can now deliver a new kind of eBook or digital textbook. Never before have students been able to learn faster and remember longer. The best part is as the publisher or teacher; you can track the reader's progress each step of the way. You can analyze their engagement with the ebook in real-time. As a teacher or employer, you can analyze the engagement of your whole team or class at once.
Enhanced eBooks are the way to go if you are looking at creating interactive eBooks that engage readers in a new way.

Why Enhanced eBooks?

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Greater Flexibility

Track student progress and see engagement in real-time with our built-in analytics for enhanced eBooks. You can add a syllabus, quizzes, assessments, notes, audio files, videos, and more. Beyond that, you can add hyperlinks to other relevant content outside of the ebook and images throughout the eBooks.
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Greater Collaboration

With enhanced eBooks, students and employees can interact with their instructors throughout the digital eBooks. Enhanced eBooks give the advantage of instructor notes and highlights uploaded throughout the eBooks. Instructors can launch discussions right inside the book where students and employees are reading—creating a truly interactive experience for readers. Instructors can even upload videos right into the enhanced ebooks.
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Greater Retention

With enhanced eBooks, readers can apply what they read through the interactive elements that keep them captivated throughout their experience. Readers at all levels and age groups will retain the information longer and learn faster as the eBook will engage all of the primary learning methods.

Enhanced eBooks the Solution for Classrooms and Employers

Digitally enhanced ebooks give you all the content from the book plus the added benefit of adding so much more to create an optimal learning experience that is captivating for students and readers. This interactive approach to reading eBooks enables readers to have greater retention. It allows instructors to have greater collaboration with greater flexibility. As students engage, they grasp concepts and grow in their understanding quickly. Enhanced digital eBooks are an excellent option for classroom learning, training teams, and publishers.