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Discover a powerful white-labeled eBook distribution platform for your eBooks. Launching an eReader for your brand has never been more accessible or affordable. We have created a high-tech solution that is cutting edge, enabling you to go digital with your books. With our technology and your unique brand identity, you can reach across platforms with beautiful eReader apps. We help you convert your books into eBooks—readable ePubs that can be distributed across the platform through our efficient cloud delivery network. So whether you are an educational institute, publisher, bookseller, or subscription service, we have your organization covered. Get started and launch your white label eBook platform today!

eBook Store Apps that Look Amazing

Our tested and proven designs provide all the critical functionality while delivering a seamless, first-class experience. Readers can scroll through your eBook store platform app on any device, using the iOS, Android, and web version. Your brand's logo, colors, and unique look-and-feel shine through, allowing your eReader app to be truly customized at a fraction of the cost of an app built from the ground up. Check out the clean and beautiful UI/UX of our eBook store apps.
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An eReader White Labeled to Match Your Brand

Your eBook store platform can look as unique as your brand is. We’ll change the colors, present your logo, and use your URL to create the desired level of customization you require for your eReader. Now your readers can download your app and read your eBooks from the palm of their hands. With our go anywhere-anytime access, they can engage your content quickly and effortlessly without a wifi connection. Downloading your eBooks to read later is an easy option. Why spend over $50,000 on custom development for an eReader app? Use our white-label solution to launch your eBook store platform.
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eBook Store Platform Features that Dazzle Your Readers

Our team at Toad Reader is dedicated to serving your eReader needs when it comes to providing incredible features for your eBook store. Our ever-expanding features built into our app today are some of the best in the industry. Your readers can have an unmatched experience that brings learning to the next level. Our eBooks can be as interactive as you desire.
White Label eBook Store

All Formats Accepted

ePUB2, ePUB3, PDF or Docx. We offer ePub conversions for all your books. Display your content through the eReader in a clean and clear manner.
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Offline Interactive Reading

With your white label eBooks, readers can download them to read at any time and anywhere. Offline reading gives an on-the-go flexible experience.
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Greater Collaboration & Engagement

Readers, employers, and teachers can upload content in real-time with our enhanced eBooks. Publishers can upload videos, images, and so much more.
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eCommerce Solutions Built for You

Our eCommerce package allows you to go live with a fully comprehensive eCommerce eBook store. We work to build you a Shopify or Wix solution to integrate with your eReader apps.
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eReader Analytics

Analyse the essential factors such as how your readers are engaging, what content is most beneficial, what books are being downloaded, and so much more.
White-labeled Custom eReader Apps

Enhanced eBooks for Reader Interaction

Turn any of your books into an enhanced ebook. Now teachers have tools that enable them to create a custom experience for their students. They can directly upload additional images, videos, teacher notes, quizzes, interactive questions, highlights, bookmarks, reference links, and more.
White-Label eReader
White-Label eReader
White-Label eReader
White-Label eReader
More eBook Platform Features
Guided tour
Offline reading
Remembers where you left off
Adjustable font size
Highlighting with annotations and three color options
Share highlights with quotation share pages (example)
Full text search of book contents
Sort by recently opened, title, and author
Display book description, genre, and more
Group by genre, reading level, and other categories
Grid and list views
Title/author search
Customizable menu (add custom links)
DRM protection
In-app purchases
Accept promo codes within the app
Accept access codes for group subscriptions
Import multiple EPUBs at once
Ability to replace an EPUB with a corrected version
Reporting with monthly usage breakdown

Context Built In Your eReader Platform

White-labeled Custom eReader Apps
White Label eBook Store

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